Monday, May 16, 2011

Volunteering at Girls on the Run 5k...

...I joined the Running Family about a year ago. Running is a unique sport in that its very individualized, just you and the pavement, but there's a HUGE community out there supporting and encouraging you. I've received so much support from my Running Family, people at all different levels, that I feel the need to it pay back (or pay it forward?) by introducing other people to the Running Family, cheering at local events and volunteering when I can. So when Jenn tweeted that Girls on the Run was still looking for volunteers, the Twit Gals and I quickly signed-up!

I volunteered to also work packet pick-up last Friday since I was off work. I decided I'd run the 5 miles there but after about a mile, the heat was killing me and my legs had finally caught up to me and were tired from the half last week and speed training last Thursday. Instead, I had allowed myself plenty of time so I decided to walk it. About halfway there, I noticed a Toto looking dog sitting on a porch. No big deal, whatev...then out of nowhere it takes off across the yard and jumps on the fence barking right when I passed. Then the board on the fence fell down and hit me! I think it scared the dog as much as it did me because he took off running back to the house. Whew! Always an adventure out there!

So Sunday morning, we head down to the race which was held at Forest Park. It rained off and on all day Saturday so I made this sign, I wanted it to say, "Hurry so your shoes don't get wet!" but I thought that might sound mean so I left off the hurry:
The raindrops had encouraging words in them, unfortunately, the signed got soaked while I waited the hour before the race started so this is the debut of the sign and it found it's way into the trash can. :( I had fun cheering though! I was at Cheer Station #1 so I got to see both the Fun Run and 5k participants pass by me. No one can tell me more cowbell because I rang it the ENTIRE time!!! I kind of felt bad for the parents around me but I didn't want to miss cheering for ANY of the 5,000 runners.
Maggie, Jen, and Della also volunteered. This is an awful photo of us after the race, it was self-timer and obviously the camera focused on the ledge it was sitting on and not the beautiful ladies.
After the race, we headed to Bread Co and met up with Megan, who also volunteered, for some soup to warm us up. Luckily, I was wearing long underwear, 4 layers of shirts, a hat and a coat with a hood so I didn't get too cold or wet but the soup was still fantastic!
All in all, it was a fantastic day despite the nasty weather! I got to see some blog friends running the race, got some girl time and it was so inspring to see so many little girls out there with their parents exercising, smiling and having fun! I'm hoping to possibly be a practice partner in the fall so I'm excited to get more involved with the organization. Congrats to all who raced!

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Stephany said...

Aw, good for you! I bet it was such a neat experience.