Friday, May 6, 2011

Half Marathon Training Week 8...

...week 8 and the Indy Mini-Mary is tomorrow!!!

Saturday, April 30-SCC 10k! New PR!

Sunday, May 1-Delta Gamma 5k! Another new PR! (Rabbit, rabbit!)

Monday, May 2-Did 30 minutes on the elliptical over lunch with Jen then met Della after work at Creve Coeur Lake. Della and I did one loop which is 3.7 miles in 40.32.

Tuesday, May 3-Uncalled for rest day because I was too excited about the Jimmy Buffett concert!

Wednesday, May 4-30 minutes on the elliptical, too tired from the night before to do anything else.

Thursday, May 5-Swam a mile. Ran at Creve Coeur Lake with Della-3.7 miles in 40.52. OMG! The wind was so flippin' strong!

I came home last night and Mattie said his back was hurting him again like the kidney infection he had last month. Sigh...I don't like it when he feels bad and its something as serious as his kidneys. If you don't mind, say a prayer for my Mattie to feel better. Happy Friday all!

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