Friday, May 20, 2011

Half Training Week 2/10...

...10 weeks since I started my half training, seems like forever ago!!!

Friday, May 13-Was supposed to run from my house to Big River Running for Girls on the Run packet pick-up but after mile 1, I was hot and my legs were heavy. Instead, I walked the whole way, better to have walked than done nothing at all, right?

Saturday, May 14-LONG day of shopping and work which means rest day due to no time to squeeze anything in.

Sunday, May 15-Volunteered at the Girls on the Run 5k so I walked a lot but no specific training.

Monday, May 16-Walked 2 miles in the AM with Jen. Met Della at Creve Coeur after work and we did 2 loops which was 7.4 miles. She's got a half this weekend, good luck!, so we were taking it slow at about a 12 minute/mile pace.

Tuesday, May 17-Ran for 1 hour which equaled 5.4 miles. This run was purely for burning calories because I planned on being bad for dinner. :)

Wednesday, May 18-Met Jen and did a small weights workout and then we walked 2 miles outside in the gorgeous weather!

Thursday, May 19-Swam 1 mile and then had speed workout with Big River in the evening. Ran 4-800s, luckily, it was much cooler than last week.

Two weeks to go until Hospital Hill Run, my runaversary! I'm so excited because not only am I running with BQ'r Shell BUT Sherrie's running with me again!!! It's going to be a great weekend, hills and all!


Teenage Bride said...

have a great weekend!

Christy said...

You are incredible! Keep up the good work!