Monday, August 1, 2011

"Do You Believe in Magic???"

..."in a young girl's heart? How the music can free her whenever it starts?" Everyone sing along! This past Saturday, my bestie, Q, from college had her wedding reception at the Magic House here in the STL. Her and her husband had gotten married in the Dominican last week and were celebrating this past weekend. Unfortunately, Matt was at the fair but my dad, whose known Q longer than Matt, filled in as my date.

We got there and didn't know a soul!!! I mean, I knew everyone in the wedding party but they were busy doing wedding stuff. I was looking around expecting our friends to come in and the first person I ended up knowing was a PTer from work! HA! So we chatted with her and her husband then went to talk to the bride and groom and her parents. Go figure as SOON as we got there my battery was dead in my camera but luckily, Butchie had an Iphone so we were good to go. Here I am with the beautiful bride, I absolutely LOVED how she and all the bridesmaids had their hair and don't mind my super high poof.
This is one of our sorority sister's Mindy with her 9 week old son Benjamin and her parents. Her dad was always in charge of making sure we had something rotating on our homecoming floats back in college.
You can read about Q's 30th birthday here (in which Matt also missed but I promise Q it's nothing against you!). At her birthday party, they had cupcakes, cannolis, the shape of a 30 so I thought it was appropriate that the "cake" was the same sort of make-up at her wedding, some with sea shapes as it was a beach wedding:
If you know the couple then you know they are total Dave Matthews fans so it was also appropriate that they had a one man acoustic guitar player (who was AWESOME!). I think they did a great job tying in all the things that make them them.
Then we got a phone call that the President needed Butchie and I's help with the debt crisis:
We did our best to help...
But decided to stop at 5 Guys instead of listening to them debate!
It was a good time and I'm very happy for Chris and Q (even if you aren't a Q anymore, you always will be in my book!). Thanks to my Poppa for being my date!
Rabbit, rabbit!


Adie said...

So cute! You alweays have a lot of fun with your dad!

Christy said...

Great dress on you! Glad your Dad could go.

Angie said...

So bummed I missed it - you totally look hot in that dress!

Slamdunk said...

Your dad is a good guy to pinch hit like that--even if he knew Q. When my daughter is old enough and ever needed me to go somewhere formal like that with her--the food better be fantastic.