Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Tidbits... tidbits for this Thursday.

*Do you remember Bloody Mary from grade school? Well, sometimes at work when I turn the light off before I open the door in the bathroom, I start to panic and get nervous about Bloody Mary. I refuse to look in the mirror and always swear that I see something green. I said this to some of the other gals at work and they said they do the same thing. Good to know I’m not crazy!
*The bank mailed Matt new checks and put my name on them. I’m LOVING it!!! I hope he doesn’t get mad when he sees I’ve already written 2 checks out of it.
*I’m working with a brand new , local organization Midwest Infertility Awareness. We’re offering a free conference here in STL in November and I’m really super pumped about it! We’ve already started confirming speakers and getting giveaways, now we just need people to sign up! Check out the blog because I’m the one updating it and designing it. I’ve learned a LOT about blogging and still am. Leave me some feedback!
*I’m planning on having a Twilight movie marathon this weekend, expect reviews next week.
*I had a Cake in a Cup on Tuesday night and I can’t stop thinking about it. See blog post tomorrow for more information and be prepared to drool.
*I have to Skype on Saturday. I never have and I HATE my voice on technology because I sound like I’m 12. When you Skype do the people see me? That means I’d have to get out of PJs…
*I have been trying to limit my spending…it’s not working very well. It’s like every time I turn around there’s a birthday gift to buy, a race to register for, food to buy, etc, etc, etc…I know you’re probably thinking you don’t HAVE to register for a race or you don’t HAVE to go out to eat but the race is for a good cause and I committed to it awhile back, just haven’t paid for it. And the eating out/food, well, I try my best to NOT eat out but sometimes all your social stuff line up in the same week!
*For all you dog lovers out there, go read this article but grab some tissues first.

Happy Thursday all!


Julie said...

Do you and Matt have seperate and joint accounts? Keith and I kept our seperate for now and opened a joint so we'll figure out how we're going to do all this!! :)

Liz said...

Skype is awesome! Yes, the other person can see you. I've even conducted interviews using it before. Very cool.

And what a neat organization you're helping to support! Love the background on the blog.

Whit said...

The Bloody Mary thing? Totally do that.
I HATE turning on lights during the night when I get up to use the bathroom, but I feel obligated to turn on the hall light so that it's not totally dark in the know, in case she's lurking around.

Faith said...

I think about the Bloody Mary thing too! That's so funny!

Yes, people can see you when you Skype. Just put a different shirt on and don't stand up. I hate my voice as I also think I sound like I'm 12.

Did you know FB also has a chat like Skype feature. I'm not one for FB chat, but an old friend sent me a message and then showed me the video feature. Luckily I didn't look like COMPLETE CRAP.

Angie said...

I skype with one of the partners at my law firm, it's pretty cool. Def get out of your PJs LOL. Love the dog article, so sad, that's exactly how dogs are. My dog truly is my BF and God knows she's been there while others flat dropped me from their lives. Love that article!