Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits...

...it's a slow week so not sure I'll have much to blog about.

*Matt's shifter on the truck broke in half Friday night as we were getting on the highway. He was able to "suicide shift" to get us off the highway to the garage that we always take our cars then his sister picked us up. We're supposed to pick it up today, dreading the final amount.

*I am TOTALLY pumped about "Hungry Games" the movie coming out in March 2012. In the books, I'm a totally Peeta lover but Gale is WAY cuter in the movies. I'm just hoping that the acting doesn't suck like the "Twilight" films or my heart will be broken.

*Mr. and Mrs. Cash Cowan helped me buy a new laptop this past weekend. I took it to work yesterday to have the IT guys install all the stuff they wanted me to add on at the store. I'm patiently waiting for it back since I'm still propping my old one up just to stay open.

*This week is cray cray busy at night! Master the Met meeting last night, work tonight, Wednesday bikram, Thursday bikram and pottery then Friday night a CLIF bar photo shoot for work-whew! I hope the week goes by fast.

*I've lost my love to run. More on that tomorrow...will discuss "the wagon" later this week.

*I'm trying not to spend any more money this week on stuff other than necessities including ice cream. How sad! No more ice cream in August-the hottest (well second hottest) month of the year.

*Looking forward to 5k on Saturday and tri on Sunday-wish me luck on both!!!


Julie said...

Wow I didn't realize you were doing two things this weekend - way to go and good luck!!

Stephany said...

Oh, my goodness you are going to be busy until Monday. Hopefully NEXT week will be a little easier for you. :) Yikes.

I'm sure I'll be wishing you lots of luck in the coming days but I'll keep saying it: GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!