Monday, August 22, 2011

Spares & Strikes!!!

...last Thursday, Jen, Julie, Ellen and I went to a free bowling event for STL Bloggers. It was a lot of bowling, drinks and pizza-what more could a girl ask for? Although I pretty much rock out to Wii bowling, in real life apparently I'm not so good.

Here's Jen posing with her awesome bowling shoes and ball:
Who doesn't look fantastic in bowling shoes???
Julie and Ellen were rocking the bowling, I was not so much with a 61.
But I made a come back in game 2 with a 106! WOOHOO!!!
Here I am with my shoes and ball (and my new Old Navy jeans!)
The Bowling Gals (and no we're not underage drinkers as the sign states):
It was a nice, fun relaxing and FREE evening to hang out with the girls. We should rematch soon!

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Julie said...

I'm game for a rematch :) It was a fun night!!