Monday, August 8, 2011

Speed Training DONE!!!

...last Thursday night was the last night of speed training hosted by Big River Running. I posted once before about it here. The last workout was a timed 5k on the track. During the whole session, my goal was to run a sub-29 5k. I started off kicking major a$$ but as summer went on and it got hotter, I started slacking off and not running as much and I could tell in my speed work. My final 5k time was 29:17...hey, I'll take it! Here is the sweet tshirt we got for attending 8 or more sessions (I attended 10/13 with one being cancelled due to heat). It says, "I ran repeats during the heat wave, what did you do?" LOVE IT!!!
Here's a pic of me running the 5k on the track. We had the marching band entertaining us on the main field.
I'm running a 5k this weekend with Cece. My goal will be sub-30 because I like to be realistic. I know this 5k is not on a track, I know it's hilly and it's probably going to be HOT. Cross you fingers for me!

I really enjoyed the whole speedwork workouts. It really built up my confidence, I met a TON of new runners and I did speedwork-hello, I'd really never done any of that before! I will definitely be doing this again next summer and best part? It was free!


Slamdunk said...

You'll do great. I think the different views away from a track can help with time a little--instead of going around and around.

Stephany said...

Yay, girl! You're awesome. I have no doubt you'll do amazing in your 5K.

Newlymeds said...

I am reading your blog and feeling motivated. I think an after work workout in in order!

Anonymous said...

nice post!