Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pappy's Smokehouse Part II...

...last November I went to Pappy's Smokehouse with some coworkers and as soon as I left I knew I HAD to take my dad there. Well, it only took 9 months but I finally got him, my sister and Haley to go to lunch there this past Sunday. The place opens at 11 and I told them we needed to get there at 10:30 to get in line. Well, it didn't take quite as long as we thought to get there and arrived about 10:10 and were the first ones in line. My family made fun of me until about 5 minutes later when there were about 10 people behind us in line. They opened the doors about 10:45 and we headed inside.

Here's a pic of my twin for the day (both had our bangs pulled back):
My dad got the ribs and as you can tell from his hand in the picture, he couldn't wait to get started:
Pulled pork with applesauce and sweet pototo fries-yum!
While in line, we noticed that their pit cooker thingies were from Cape. The manager walked by to ask how everything was and him and my dad got into this whole conversation and ended up knowing some of the same peeps. He gave my dad this sticker for him to spread the word in Cape about Pappy's. He also gave me a fist bump because I'd brought in newbies. Two thumbs up from Butchie and Haley:
Now I just have to get my husband to go try it!!! FYI-directions on your Iphone to this place are WRONG-both times I've gone so don't trust the Iphone on this one.


Julie said...

I love Pappy's!!! We had some good BBQ down in Memphis, I'm going to slowly be writing about all that!!

Slamdunk said...

Sounds fun. We are like you--if you want to eat at great places and don't want to waste time waiting, get there early, real early.