Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Monday...

...pretend that this posted yesterday, ok? This weekend was a big, fat, lay around the house lazy weekend-it was glorious! I rented some movies for me (read on) but I knew I'd better get one for Mattie too so I picked up Lincoln Lawyer for him because of the storyline and for me because of Matthew McConaughey. :)

Basically, Matthew McConaughey is a lawyer who does all of his business out of his Lincoln. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff and can get most of his clients off. He takes on a new client (Ryan Phillippe-hello eye candy in this movie!) who is accused of attempted assault and, of course, there's lots of twists and turns. First off, it took us until about halfway through the movie to decide what decade this was set in. Matt thought the '80s because of the hair but I thought '90s, maybe early '00s because of the phone...nope it's set in 2011. Second, they're all about hookers like it's no big deal. Maybe because I don't deal with them on a regular basis, it isn't a big deal to those people who do? Anyways, it was a pretty good movie...it moved fast, kept my attention and was easy to follow. Would definitely recommend and I'm putting this book on my to-read list. 

Now for the other movies I watched...Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, I'm not going to give you an overview because if you don't know what these movies are about, well then you've been living under a rock for awhile. I AM going to talk about these things...
  • I used to like the Twilight books but after watching all three movies in one day, I'm not so sure I do anymore. It's all about the guys (Edward and Jacob) pushing Bella around telling her what she can and cannot do. As gorgeous as they both are, I would be like peace out.
  • Kristen Stewart, you have ruined Bella Swan for me and your acting along with everyone else in the movies have too. If Hunger Games acting is anything at all like the Twilight movies, I will cry. 
  • In these movies, we have the Cullen family who are very prim and proper and use good English, ya'll. Then we have Jacob and Bella who are telling each other "whatever" and "get over it." This movie really doesn't flow very well at all. 

All in all, I will NOT be looking forward to the future Twilight movies unless there are new actors. Speaking of, I'm pretty sure that Victoria in Twilight and New Moon was different than Victoria in Eclipse. Anyone else notice that or is it the same person?

I also rented Whip It with Ellen Page. It was kind of predictable but a really good movie. I would definitely recommend it. I know Drew Barrymore directed it so her character was more of a cameo but still, her character was weird. I also bought Valentine's Day for $1.99 but haven't watched it yet.

Also I rented them from Blockbuster. I had a gift card and was asking if I could use it at the kiosk and the guy informed me that I couldn't even use it in the store!!! Apparently, Blockbuster got sold and they're trying to figure out how to switch them over. How hard can it be? Whatever Blockbuster! I must admit though, I like walking in and having a large selection vs standing outside a gas station and paging through random screens especially if they're the same price!


Slamdunk said...

The Lincoln Lawyer sounds interesting.

Though we have not rented movies in years, I am with you on the vending machine movie rentals now. The two stores in town that rented went out of business and now the competition is 2 boxes (and online I guess). One of the boxes is outside and one is inside--I guess the inside charges an extra inclimate weather protection fee, but I don't know.

Britni said...

I loved The Lincoln Lawyer! Definetely second that reccommendation. Random fact: Matthew McConaughey planned to be a lawyer while he was in college but changed his mind to pursue acting.