Sunday, June 29, 2014

AR the Fish!!!

...We had a real laid back weekend and it was pretty great. Saturday we went to breakfast with friends, saw the Bubble Bus, met Remy from the Mason & Remy Show, played in the yard with our neighbor, and then both of us took a good, long nap together. It was great! Oh and after nap, we went to Costco, Pizza Street, Beauty Brands, and big girl panties and NO accidents!

Sunday was rough. AR was all kinds of out of sorts and the two of us fought...a lot. #justpickuptheletters We got ready and headed to Eleanor's birthday. AR insisted that we were the same type of shoes...and that she put on a bra just like mommy.

After the party, we headed to Nanny's to swim. Check out this pink swimmer!

Swim lessons are really paying off. That and the fact that my child goes swimming practically every day. Check out her jumping in. #fearless

She does this on her own and will do it over and over and over...My mom and I have to tell her to take a break! #lovemyAR

And here she is swimming. She's mainly just kicking her feet, she needs to work on her stew arms! Oh but first she has to flirt with the men sitting on the edge of the pool! #flirt

It's great that she's so confident and does well but we really have to watch her because she doesn't always wait for you to be ready before she jumps in. Still, go AR! Mommy's super proud of you!


Ann Ehnert said...

So awesome! Confidence in water is such a huge factor. Looks like she is having a blast :)

Slamdunk said...

She is doing fantastic! It sure will pay off in a few years when she is older and with her confidence and swimming ability, it will make parenting at the pool a much more relaxing event.

I am enjoying some of those perks to an extent now.

Julie said...

I love water babies, mostly because I was one and I hate when kiddos are afraid of the water. Yay AR!