Friday, October 23, 2009

2.5 down, 7.5 to go... the end of this week, I will have swam 2.5 miles since I started on October 8!!! So only 7.5 left until I reach my 10 mile goal!!! I still have to do my push-ups for today but so far in two weeks, I've done over 200 push-ups. Let me tell ya ladies, my arms are SORE!!! Hopefully I'll be motivated to do this in the spring so I can get some good looking arms for tank top season. I have to max out this weekend before I start week 3 so I'll be doing that this weekend along with working a special event, going to Haley's soccer game and possibly a whirlwind trip to Cape for my grandma's birthday, checking out a truck and dropping off my computer. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend! I'm making pizza's Saturday.

-Pizza Maniac

Cecilia said...

Great job! You are kicking major butt. Keep up the great work!