Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update on Truck and Other Stuff... know how we were 90% sure they were going to total out the truck? Well, we were 90% wrong! The insurance company must have read my blog about how impatient I was and, well actually Matt had to call them, but they sent us a very nice check to get it fixed. Now we have a couple of options to think about but for the immediate time being, Matt is going to have that whole gear shirt slipping thing fixed which he took by the shop yesterday and they said that would only cost a couple hundred bucks so at least then it will be drivable, safe and I'll get my parking spot back under the carport.

We really haven't discussed the options or what to do yet because when I got home from work, snake swimming, etc...I flipped on my computer to find the blue screen of death. After being totally bummed out and eating a couple mini Snickers, I call Matt and he tells me he's almost home, he talked to the insurance company and he'll discuss it when he gets home. I'm like um...okay but I only have 10 minutes because I had to go meet Sarah for our Tuesday Walking. So he comes home and as he starts to tell me about the insurance, the first part goes something like this, "So my brother and I were really surprised with how much money..." Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up! You called and discussed this with your brother before me?

I know in the big scheme of things it doesn't really matter but let me tell you the back story. I'm a Daddy's Girl...big time. Not because I'm his "little girl" and Daddy just loves me but because I was raised by my dad. In fifth grade, my parents got divorced and my sister stayed home to go to college to help my dad out. In 8th grade, she got engaged and moved out so from 8th grade (think 1997) until I graduated college (2004), it was just me and my dad. Dad could fix anything, make everything better and no other dad was better than mine...that's just how it was. So when Matt and I got married, I'd always want to call my dad when a tree fell on the house, I decided to get life insurance, I had a nail in my tire, my credit card gets stolen, etc...It irritated Matt to no end (as it well should). Now don't get me wrong, Matt loves my dad and my dad loves Matt. Most of the time when I call my dad, the first thing he says is what's Matt think? So I've been trying very hard to keep that in mind when things happen like my tire a couple of weeks ago.

SO when Matt tells me that he's already discussed this with his brother before even telling me anything, I'm a little annoyed...okay, A LOT! I call him out on this and he thinks I'm just being mean so I'm like okay fine whatever, we'll talk about this when I get back. So I load up my blue screen of death laptop and my pretty puppy dog Emma and leave. (Anyone that knows me, knows that Emma and my laptop are two of the most important things to me so Matt was probably wondering if I was coming back!?!). So Emma and I meet Sarah and we walk about a 1.5 or 2 miles then I head to Best Buy to find out that its either the hard drive or the mother board. I can purchase the hard drive and if its not that then I can return it within 30 days but, of course, Best Buy doesn't have the hard drive I need in stock.

So now that I've cooled down, I call Matt to see if he wants me to pick up dinner. He says no and that he's on his way to Home Depot because the kitchen sink is clogged. Great! Seriously, what else could break or go wrong at our house....the truck, my laptop, the kitchen sink...So I come home and sit down to eat my dinner and Matt starts sodering (not sure if I spelled that right but you know that thing with the blow torch?) because he's going to go ahead and fix the pipes in the demo-ed bathroom while he's at it. About 10 minutes after working, the smoke alarm goes off....for the next 20 minutes!?! So then his dad comes over and they work until about 9pm, hammering, sodering (spelling?), yelling from upstairs to downstairs THEN Matt heads to his second job. His dad came back over last night to kind of like Roto Root the drain and Matt is supposed to work on it tonight since it's cleared up (sorry that's all vague and non-descriptive but I really have no idea what's going on with all that). I'm very thankful that Matt and his dad can do that sort of stuff because I'm sure if someone came in and did it, it would be tons of dollars. SO...I still don't have a kitchen sink or dishwasher so the dishes are just piling up in the sink. So the whole point of that was to tell you that since its been one thing after another, we really haven't had time to discuss what to do with the truck other than fix the immediate problem so it's safe to drive. Whew! What a story!!!

So on a positive note, since I don't have a laptop to distract me, I finished all the gift tags for the craft show!!! I even got them all in bags so they are ready to sell. Now I just have to work on the notecards but I'm having a problem cutting straight with the tools my mom told me to use. She'll be at my house on Friday so hopefully she can set me straight then. ALSO, some good friends of ours who we haven't talked to in AGES but the girl and I keep making tentative plans on Facebook but nothing ever comes from it, called me last night and we finally set up our dinner date!!! It'll be great to catch up with them because I don't think we've seen them since my birthday (March) and they've gotten engaged and I haven't even heard the whole story yet!?! I'm sure Matt and Ben will talk about manly stuff while Missey and I discuss wedding stuff.

So that my friends is the update on the truck...and other stuff.


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

ITs funny how husbands want to come before dads. I used to be the same way and NOW I have to wait to ask hubs first and THEN call dad if it doesn't work. Men are funny like that

Meredith said...

Ohhhh, I do the same thing with my dad. Justin is always having to remind me that just because it was something my dad could fix in a day doesn't mean it's a day project for him.

The good news is, that I've tried to be good about not calling my dad first...and now, J calls my dad before almost any big project!

Sorry about all that's going wrong--don't they say that bad usually comes in 3's? You're WAY past 3, so maybe you guys will get a break here soon!

Cecilia said...

Girl, that stinks! We had the same sort of luck last summer. The car broke down, the fridge quit working and the air conditioner was struck by lightning. You feel like it will never end. Hopefully, it will easy up soon. I'm so sorry!!

Angie said...

Bleh I'm sorry you're having so many issues at home, it's like when it rains it pours no? I hope it all works itself out without too much money spent!