Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Lil Help Bloggers...

...okay so I'm so tired of looking for a used truck online! Everytime I type in Ford 250, it pulls up big 'ole white cargo vans!?! So if any of you can leave a recommendation of what websites to use or places you would suggest to look for new trucks, it would be greatly appreciated.

SIDE NOTE: I'm so over the insurance company! Matt called them on Friday, they came and looked at the truck yesterday and we still haven't heard from them. I know that's not a very long time but we can't go get the gear shifts fix which is why it rolled down a hill in the first place until we know if they are going to pay to fix it or just total it out and give us money. I don't even feel safe having it home in our driveway much less at his work!?! So come on insurance...how 'bout a Yatizee!!!


Heidi said...

This is TOTALLY 1995, but I would go buy a paper and look in the automotive section. When I bought my car 2 years ago, I looked and looked online, couldn't find anything.
Then, my dad came over, brought his newspaper, called a few ads and I had a new car (well, new to me) by the end of the day.
Good luck! ;)

fah said...

Maybe try cars.com Here a lot of local dealerships will also post their listings on that site. What about a Carmax? Do you have that where you live? I find that their cars are a little overpriced though. I also just look up the big name dealerships. Usually one person or one company owns several dealerships. You just go to their main site (like here one of them is Gunn and you go to gunnauto.com) and they'll either have all their listings or links to their different brands. Autotrader.com is another one although I've never looked at it. Good luck! I absolutely hate buying cars. John is completely helpless when it comes to cars so I'm always the one to do it. I've bought 4 cars since we've been together.

Meredith said...

So maybe this is just way too simple, but have you tried searching for a Ford "F-250" ? I believe the vans are Ford 250's and the trucks are Ford F-250's.

Also, I heard overstock now has an automotive section that will search local automobiles for sale.