Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our FIRST Ever Halloween Party... last night, Matt and I headed to fellow blogger Angie's house for a Halloween Party! I was super excited because I'd never been to a Halloween party and dressed up. When we got there, we couldn't see the house numbers but I knew it was the right house because I saw precious Daisy in the front door waiting to greet us.

Here is Angie with Daisy (and the girl in the background was the girl from NCIS-he costume was awesome!).

Other bloggers were there as well, here we are all dressed up. From left me as Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, Heidi as a Witch, Angie as Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter and Randall as her half of H1N1 (they won most creative costume!).
It was a great time! Matt found a new best friend in Mr. Fab-they're going to be hunting buddies, Angie's house was super cute and I had a fun time catching up with everyone. We're going to go to Main Street in St. Charles in December for their Christmas Traditions so it should be another good time.
Okay, now off the blog because we're having lunch with Grandma G for her birthday today, then I'm working games for the neighborhood Halloween party and we have to find time to carve our pumpkin before the kids trick-or-treat then who knows what tomorrow will bring!!! Happy Halloween tonight! I hope you all get treated and not tricked.


Heidi said...

Had a great time catching up with you. Sorry I didn't know about the Magic School Bus. When I have more time tomorrow, I'll have to look it up on YouTube!

Our husbands were hilarious last night. Who knew?? And btw, we did have to stop at Taco Bell last night! Dan was know, bc of ALL that Patron!

Angie said...

Had fun with you last night too! You are so busy! Happy birthday g'ma!

Cecilia said...

You guys look so cute!!! I love all the costumes. It looks like a blast!