Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pure Romance... Saturday after work, I headed over to The Painted Pot in St. Charles (south side of O'Fallon) to meet up with my friend Kasey and her bachelorette party. I made her a platter with her and her soon to husband's name on it and the other girls made wine and martini glasses and beer steins. We decorated them all in black, red and white to match their kitchen. I will post after-pictures when I get my platter later this week.

Here is a picture of us with our finished masterpieces (they just have to be glazed and fired now). I am on the end in red, then her bridesmaid Laura, Kasey-the bride in pink, her sister Kay (don't they look so much alike), and then her other bridesmaid Miranda.

After The Painted Pot, things got spiced up when we all headed back to Kay's for a Pure Romance party. The "icebreaker" was like Hot Potato but with a...umm...bedroom toy. We were all in tears from laughing so hard. Even though I'd just met most of the girls for the first time, after the party, I feel VERY close to them all now!!! We all bought Kasey a gift which she was sooo embarassed about so I bought her bubble bath/shower gel-she was so thankful it wasn't anything embarassing. I had so much fun with this group of girls!!! The wedding is this coming Saturday so I'll be sure to post about that. I hope you all had a fabulous Saturday too!


Anonymous said...

Your platter is awesome! I love the stripes.

Cecilia said...

Ditto Kristal. Love the platter. Add two more things to the list I have not done: made pottery and an "adult" pottery.

fah said...

We're doing a Pure Romance party soon too. I'm hosting so I've gotten all the catalogs and some samples. Wow. Some of that stuff just totally blows my mind.