Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy, Busy Weekend...

...This weekend was another crazy, busy one! Friday night we had the Fair Appreciation Dinner. It was great to see everyone that is basically our family for an entire week in July when we're all at the Fair every single night and day!!!

Saturday when Matt got off work, we headed to Eureka for Haley's soccer game only to get halfway there and find out it was cancelled...bummer! We passed Rombach's Farm on the way there and that place was CRAZY!?! They had people directing traffic and parking cars where ever they could fit them!!! That evening we headed out to Troy for a Bonfire at my friend/co-worker/blog stalker Paula's. It was fun and they have the cutest house. Paula did a great job decorating it.

Here is a picture of Paula, me and Stevie.
Right after that picture we all turned into ghosts and haunted my camera!
Matt left from Paula's to go to the farm to bow hunt today. At lunch time, he hadn't shot anything yet. I haven't heard from him yet this evening so maybe he got one!
I was a busy little bee this morning at the house though...did some laundry, cut coupons, planned out a Wags trip and finished up some gift tags that my mom and I are making for the craft show in three weeks. Then I met up with some relatives to discuss their wedding. I'm going to be their day of coordinator even though I don't have red hair (Kristal, you'll get that). I'm all excited about her wedding now and can't wait to help out but it's still a year away (10-2-10). Then I went to watch Haley play soccer and give my sister some toilet paper rolls for a project for Haley's classroom (we ALWAYS save toilet paper rolls in our family-always a craft to make). On my way home from there, I stopped at Wags to score some deals and I was pretty happy with what I got until I got home and realized I still had a coupon in my hoodie pouch that I didn't use...bummer. Now, I'm in my pajamas, waiting for my hubs and chilling with the dogs before I start this week. Next weekend is pretty much an all work weekend but its been nice to have the past couple of weekends off. Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Angie said...

You so busy girl!
Glad to hear you had a nice weekend! I didn't do crap and it was awesome!

Cecilia said...

I am with Angie. LOL. I didn't do a a darn thing, except three million loads of laundry.