Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Picnic and Dusty's Fish Fry...

...Saturday was crazy busy!!! The first picture is backwards but here is our neighbors house that got TP-ed early Sunday morning. We got home around midnight and it wasn't done yet.
So Saturday afternoon, I held the Pumpkin Picnic at work. Here is a picture of Haley AKA Dorothy and Cody AKA The Knight in Shining Armor!
Haley's getting her first tooth BUT the baby tooth is probably going to have to be pulled because the adult tooth isn't pushing the baby tooth out...bummer of a way to lose your first tooth.

Then our good friend Dusty is home from a two week visit from Iraq so his dad held a fish fry and EVERYONE came over. They were playing the LONGEST games EVER of Beer Pong. Dusty (the one with glasses) was saying nice shot while Aunt Trish is snapping pictures. We also got to meet Dusty's girlfriend for the first time (she's the one taking a drink) and she was pretty awesome PLUS she made this delicious peanut butter and chocolate pie that I will be getting the recipe because it was just that good.

In addition to the Welcome Home Party, it was Walker's birthday!!! At about 10pm, we celebrated with Dairy Queen ice cream cake-yum!!! His parents put trick candles on and Walker was so cute because he just kept blowing and blowing and blowing...

That concludes our busy Saturday. Sunday we dropped Matt's truck off to get the gear shift thing fixed and LUCKILY (moms are awesome and always pull through), my mom is in Florida this week so she left us her car to use and her laptop!!! Thanks mom!

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Cecilia said...

Your mom rocks! Very luck! Sounds like you guys had a great time.