Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bowling for Autism...

...This Saturday night, we're sitting in Nanny's house in Florida but last Saturday, AR and I were bowling for autism. AR's sitter put together a bowling fundraiser. It was really a great deal...$40 for 5 people to bowl which included 3 hours unlimited bowling, shoes, pizza, and a pitcher of soda. $20 went directly to Autism Speaks and then she had raffles and other fundraisers. In total, I think she made a little over $300!

AR insisted on wearing her Pacman shirt and she loved the cosmic bowling lights.

She bowled with me every other frame. We actually did better when she helped me!

Of course our sitter and her family were there which AR loved (despite her face in this picture!).

This was our bowling lane (minus me) playing the Heads or Tails game.

And AR's best girl friend from the sitter's was there and shared the same lane as us. These two were loving it!!!

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