Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Girls' Day Out: Big Joel's and Pumpkin Galore

...Last Friday, AR and I had a Girls' Day out. I feel like I've been slacking in the mom department so as much as AR enjoyed the outing, as a momma, I just needed it. Life has been super busy so we haven't had time to do as many fun things that we normally do, but don't worry, I cram a lot into my Friday afternoon off: Big Joel's Safari, Pumpkins Galore, and H's Fall Festival at school!

First stop: Big Joel's! Thank you Stacey and Addison for this awesome birthday gift. Here's AR as a deer.

I kept telling AR we were going to see camels so that was our first stop. Look at these things, they were HUGE!

She even fed one, poor miniature horse to the left didn't stand a chance to get any food. :-(

This is an emu and I was shocked that AR wanted to feed him/her because it like pecked at the spoon.

OMG! This zedonk was cray cray!!! I thought he was going to knock the fence over.

And then we found the goats and she kept saying. "Feed that one, Mommy!" because they climb up the fence and head butt each other! I kept saying, "Be nice! Share!" So of course, AR then began yelling at them, "BE NICE!"

Here's both Momma and Daughter racoons

Then my diva climbed up on this tree stump and said, "Take my picture!"

Cheeseburger!!! Great time and so glad we went on a Friday because there wasn't a big crowd. OH, I forgot! When you walk in there are macaws and other birds and snakes. The macaw started squawking and made AR cry because "he scared me!" It was funny and sad at the same time.

When we left, we stopped at Pumpkin Galores which is right down the road. They had two giant swimming pools filled with corn kernals. AR built "castles" for a long time. FYI-Corn doesn't hold in a castle form very well.

They have a great swingset which AR loved this horse.

And this roller slide which is REALLY high up! I was worried about her climbing up but she did it no problem.

The barrel train wasn't running since it was Friday but she enjoyed pretending (and got to ride on one later that night). Also going to say that I'm loving this pic!

And I'm lovin' this one too! Riding the John Deere!

She wanted to ride these pedal tractors but could only go backwards. She yelled at me for help and when I did, she'd say, "NO! I pedal myself!" Yeah...

One last Momma/AR pic and someone was not happy to leave!

I'm so glad we got to spend the day together. Hopefully things will slow down for us after Halloween and I can get back to doing all kinds of fun stuff with my baby girl!

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