Friday, October 24, 2014

Cakeway to the West: 15.1...

Last Sunday, just my sis and I went #cakehunting. We got up to 242...we are sooo close!!! Only ten-eleven more to go with the bonus cakes!!! Some cakes are already being taken down (the Busch Stadium one which is one of my favorite/funniest pics we've gotten) or other issues are going on with their areas so I'm glad we got as many as we have so far. I just hope the last few we need stay in place until we get them!

This trip was a little frustrating as some had been placed in locations we'd already been to. For instance, this first cake at Express Scripts has a cake right across the street that we'd already gotten. :-/

Cake #222 Express Scripts

Cake #223 Fountain Park/MLK Statue

Cake #224 Sumner High School

Cake #225 Annie Malone

Cake #226 First Baptist Church
We text this pic to my dad and said, "Look! We went to church!" All he wrote back was "God Bless You." Side note: I think this cake used to be a roaming cake.

Our next stop was smack dab in the middle of the #rocknrollmarathon So we stopped and ran a bit...realized we already had this cake and the one we were looking for was actually a few streets down.

Cake #227 Lafayette Square
No worries-we found it! Check out the runners in the background!

BONUS! Ameren Cakes!!!
We already had the one Ameren cake on right. Ameren donated a ton of money to this project so the cake on the left was located inside their facility and only available to their employees until NOW. So BOOM, got it!

Cake #228 America's Central Port/YMCA
First Illinois cake for the day!

Cake #229 Lewis & Clark State Historic Site
We realized that old people thought our shirts were cute, people our age thought it was dorky, and some people just thought it was our birthdays!

Cake #230 Confluence Tower
Discussions of handstands started here...wait for it...

Cake #231 Southwestern High School
OMG! We drove way out of the way to get this one that was in the middle of no where, sitting outside a football field in a town with a spray-painted sign with it's name on it. Seriously...

Stay tuned...

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