Friday, October 10, 2014

Potty Training Conversations...

...It seems as though more and more of my friends are discussing potty training. We started loosely training right after her second birthday. Luckily, my mom was here all summer so they worked really hard on it and she's doing great. We still have accidents from time to time and use a diaper for naps/bed time but she's usually more successful than not. Most days she has no accidents at our sitter nor at preschool and I consider that #winning! Here are just some of our conversations over the past few months...

*On the phone with a co-worker and former Olympic soccer player, I lean over AR's carseat and she says directly into the phone, "Mommy, I wear panties!"

*AR hates when I vacuum. One Saturday in June, I told her to go wait in her room while I vacuumed the living room. A few minutes later, I finish and go to check on her. She's innocently sitting in her room in the dark, on her glider completely naked. I ask her if she needs some Mommy love (meaning Mommy holds her and we cuddle) and she said yes. I pick her up and sit on the pee. Needless to say, Mommy had to change her pants and panties too.

*Leaving Emma's birthday party we just got on the interstate when AR says, "Mommy, potty! I poop!" Next exit-poop break! Luckily, we made it.

*Conversation on the potty:

 Me: You need to wipe your vagina.

 AR: Oh 'gina?

Me: Yes, your vagina.

AR: Audi 'gina?

Me: Yes, AR's vagina.

AR: Mommy's 'gina?"

Me: Yes, Mommy has a vagina.

AR: Daddy 'gina?"

Me: No, Daddy has a penis.

AR: Oh, penis...Audi penis?

Me: No, only Daddy has a penis. You have a vagina.

AR: Oh, Audi 'gina. Okay. 

*On a Sunday morning, I was called to the bathroom to help "the baby" aka her doll to go potty. What this really meant is that she took her baby potty and dropped her in the toilet.

*I was folding laundry on the couch while Matt sat in his recliner. AR was running around naked before bedtime. I heard her toot and asked if she needed to go potty. “No, I fine, Mommy.” Matt and I continued talking while AR stood between my legs. I glance down and see she has pooped. I exclaim, “AR, why didn’t you tell me you had to potty?” and Matt says, “Wow, AR, I didn’t know something that size could come out of you.”

So yeah, it's a work in progress but we're getting there. I will say this, cleaning up poop in a diaper is much easier than cleaning up poop in panties!


Hilary said...

Bahahaha - those last two made me laugh. :-))

Julie said...

The things kids say!

Joanna Daniel said...

She will "love" these when she gets older! We have had the boys with pensis' talk too but haven't mentioned what mommy has. They just know it as "something else". I have cleaned up more pee during potty training than I ever did with diapers. There are days I wish I could just throw a diaper on them but the potty is just so much more economical :) We still have accidents too (& sometimes at school) but they're getting better. 2 of them still have to wear a diaper at night & I'm not sure how to get over that hurdle yet...