Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weeki Wacha State Park...

...First off, happy birthday Nanny!!! On Saturday, Nanny took us to Weeki Wacha State Park where they have a LIVE mermaid show! It was a little cheesy but it was still an awesome show. These women (and one man) were underwater for almost twenty minutes total. They had these breathing things that they took a "shot of oxygen" which totally reminded me of those vaporless smoking things.

The park is a natural spring and you can actually swim in it. Here's AR and me waiting for one of the shows to start.

The first mermaid show we went to was an informational one so it was a bit lost on AR but she had a good time making funny faces at me.

AR and Nanny

After the first mermaid show, we took a quick boat ride which AR was trying to hang out the boat!

Some quick ice cream that can be seen on AR's shirt in his pic then we headed back to see The Little Mermaid show. This is my mom's FL best friend, Aunt Gissy, and Gissy's mom, Nana.

Another mermaid again!

AR and I with a fake mermaid and there were peacocks roaming around!

AR even got to meet a "real life" mermaid and wanted to hold her hand.

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