Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cakeway to the West 15.2...

...Same trip continued!

Cake #232 Jersey County Courthouse

Cake #233 Calhoun County Community Foundation

Cake #234 Pere Marquette Lodge & Conference Center
Awkward! Walked inside and saw people holding trumpets so I walked out and BAM-there was the cake!

Cake #235 Aeries Riverview Winery

Cake #236 Piasa Bird
Very cool! Ate lunch at Fast Eddie's after this one...mmm, burgers, fries, Elwood on a Stick, and shrimp!!! Oh and did I mention for both of us, it was less than $15!?

Cake #237 Alton Visitor Center

Cake #238 Alton City Hall

Cake #239 Lincoln-Douglas Square and Franklin House

Cake #240 Robert Wadlow Statue
We had way too much fun at this one!


#olympiadhandstandcontest #overachiever #almostpeedmypantslaughing

Cake #241 National Great Rivers Museum

Cake #242 Our Lady of the Rivers at Portage des Sioux

Cake #243 Castlewood
This wasn't on the same trip but one more cake found!

Our convo on the way home:
Sha: Today wasn't so bad. We didn't kill each other.
Me: I know, we're ready for the Amazing Race.
Sha: What?!
Me: We found twenty cakes, ran a marathon, ate ten shrimp, did handstands, and covered a ton of miles. I think we're ready.
Sha: I think we'd definitely be picked when they saw how we reacted when we got angry.
Me: Yeah, we'd never get picked. They'd have to bleep out every other word.
Maybe if we clean up our language, we'll be on the next Amazing Race? And we'll have the #cakewaytothewest to thank for it!

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Liz Rotz said...

I would totally watch you on the Amazing Race!!