Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nanny's or Bust!!!

...Late Wednesday night, well late for us at 8PM, AR and I boarded a jet plane and headed to Florida to visit Nanny. This is the first time AR had her own seat. Despite having to lug around a carseat throughout the airport, it really wasn't that bad and she did AWESOME!!! Carseats are not required but my two cents-totally worth it and glad we had it because our flight was very turbulent, probably more so than in a car. In a car, she wouldn't have a lap belt so I'm glad we had the carseat for the flight.

Our flight wasn't full so we had the whole row to ourselves. I borrowed these headphones and they worked out great...except that AR still sang Frozen out loud! Luckily we were by the wing so you could barely hear her. You'd think she'd fall asleep and I'd say, ha, you're crazy! She wanted to fall asleep, cried a bit, but wouldn't give it up. When we landed I apologized to those around us and they were like, what? We couldn't even hear her!

Here we are right before landing time! Still wide awake!!!

We got back to my mom's around 1:30AM but that didn't stop AR from getting up super early to swim! I brought my laptop to the patio and enjoyed the outdoors as well...not a bad view, eh?

These two didn't get out of the pool ALL DAY LONG!

And Nanny didn't get all that sunscreen rubbed in too well either...

Oh well! Still cute!

A quick rainstorm came through but that STILL didn't stop them!

Check out this girl, finally got out of the pool and chillin' before dinner...well at least trying not to fall asleep!

We walked to the neighbors' for dinner and saw this! Great view to start the day and gorgeous day to end it!

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Hilary said...

Gah, look at those eyes! (In the pic of her on the couch) Such a pretty girl!