Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween at the Park!!!

...This past Saturday, we met up with some of AR's friends at the park for a little Halloween playdate. As we were getting ready, AR wanted to clean the toilet...her request!!!

Once we were all ready, we met our friends and turns out we have quite a few superhero friends! It's always good to have some of those around in case of an emergency.

We recycled our mermaid costume from this summer and AR was a winter mermaid.

AR's bestie Emma was there although I feel like it's been YEARS since we've seen any of her friends!

They had this bouncey thing that AR loved!

Then she'd just climb to the highest part of the playground when I wasn't looking! No fear, seriously!

Me and my girl who I'm so grateful for these days. I mean I'm grateful for her every day but here lately things have been rough, just a lot of things going on with life in general, so when she grabs my cheeks and says, "Mommy, I love you" or "I missed you, Mommy" it means the whole world to me. Love you, baby girl!

Shoutout to Ang for organizing this and to all the mommas for the great treats!


Julie said...

Hope everything is ok!

Liz Rotz said...

I'm so sad we couldn't make it. Everyone looked adorable!