Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big Girls Day Out...

...Haley was out of school today but her mom still had to work so we had a "Big Girls Day Out." First we stopped at Goodwill to look for some "ugly sweaters" for an Ugly Sweater Party. I tried to explain it to Haley but she wasn't understanding who wore what sweater. She just kept telling me to vote for Stevie's boyfriend to wear mine.

Then we headed to Baked Goods, which is a paint your own pottery store off Gravois. She had three Christmas ornaments she could decorate however she wanted. She just learned how to make a star and a Christmas tree so that was two down. Then we looked around and decided on a gift for the last one. She wanted to do one side and have me do the other side. So here is my side of the ornaments:
Then here is Haley with her side of them:

We ate lunch at her choice, McAllister's so here we are after lunch with our sweet teas and purses (don't forget big girls take pictures with their hands on their hips):

Then we headed to Target where she shopped the dollar bins and picked out a couple of Christmas presents for her cousins and her black lab Champ. The handbags were actually kind of cute, would make good make-up bags. She paid with her own money too. Then we headed back to meet her mom. All in all it was a fun day doing all the things big girls!


Cecilia said...

Too flipping cute. I bet she had a blast!

Angie said...

awwww, that's so sweet! What a fun day together!!

Angie said...

Happy thanksgiving! I'm glad I met you this year, you're super sweet and I'm glad you're my friend.