Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Update... oh man, lots of stories from this weekend. First off, today I rode out to the farm with Matt's mom so I could site in my rifle for next weekend. Before we did any shooting, Matt and I walked forever into the woods to put up his climber stand but it was such a nice day that I didn't mind.

Pic of us in the woods (love self timer):
Us walking through the woods (again self timer and I had to run back to get the camera because Matt didn't know I'd set this up).
*Okay, so on Father's Day, my grandma gave me my grandpa's 30 ott 6 semi-automatic rifle for deer season. I didn't shoot it until today and wow-is that thing powerful! My shoulder was a little sore at first but the thing that hurts the most is my jaw! I have to set my chin on the handle so I can see down the site and anyways, let's hope I only have to shoot once next weekend!
*Got an email from my grandma-her and her friend went to Metropolis to the boat this weekend and she won $5,000!?!
*Woke up this morning to find the newspaper on the roof of our house, I thought it was those kids that TPed the neighbors house. I get a kitchen chair and mop to try and get it off (had to get those coupons!!!) but I'm too short. The neighbor sees me so he comes over and helps me get it off. When I told Matt about it, he started laughing because he was the one that threw it on the roof!!!! He says on accident...mmhmmm...
*Man, usually my week's aren't that busy but I have dinner dates FOUR nights this week INCLUDING tonight. Tonight we're going to dinner at 8pm (that's way late for us but we haven't seen these people in forever) at Cyberg's with Ben and Missey. They got engaged over the summer and we haven't seen them since my birthday in March!
*Last week, I got my Kraft magazine in the mail and they had all these Thanksgiving recipes so I decided I wanted to have a mock Thanksgiving dinner at our house so I was going to invite Matt's sister and her boyfriend over on Wednesday because I was off work and that would give me all day, blah blah blah. Then we got Matt's part-time work schedule and he works Wed so I asked if they wanted to do Tuesday. They said sure but its turns out that it's his birthday so now the pressure is REALLY on!!! I'm making shrimp feta cheese pasta, Caesar salad, garlic bread and his sis is bringing the birthday dessert.
*Wednesday night, I'm having dinner with Stevie at our fave El Maguey!!!
*Thursday is dinner with my BFF from high school Sarah. I haven't seen her since like May 2007!?! She just got engaged a couple of weeks ago so I'm very excited to hear all about it and her wedding plans.
*Thanks for all the support about the craft show. I think it'll just be one of those "businesses" that's word of mouth and we'll go from there. Oh well, that $2 can buy me a Mountain Dew this week when I REALLY need it.
Have a great week everyone!!!


Cecilia said...

What time is din din??? Sounds DELISH!!!! I told my hubby about the paper story and he giggled. You should have punched Matt. LOL. Kidding. Maybe. Sounds like a busy week. I just had El Maguey for the first time last month. It wasn't too bad.

Angie said...

Your going to Sybergs! That's right down by me! (Kristal's closer actually)They have great barfood. GOTTA get the wings- their specialty.
That recipe for shrimp feta pasta sounds AMAZING. You'll have to tell me if it's good or not!
Have fun dining out!

Angie said...

I meant You're not your lol

Meredith said...

Yeah, I can't shoot J's 30 ot six at all! I actually won't even try because I know I'll be sore! Kudos to you for giving it a shot!