Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day...

....well, two turkeys down and one to go! I'm exhausted, we've been up and running since 6am today. We had our first Thanksgiving at my dad's in Cape. This Thanksgiving even more than usual, I am so thankful to be able to give my daddy a big 'ole hug! This week some crazy stuff went down (sorry not allowed to blog about it and don't really feel very comfortable blogging about it either) that had our whole family counting our blessings. I love my Butchie!!!

Here's a pic of me and my grandma. If you saw a close up pic of my grandma, my dad and I then you would know that we all three look exactly alike!
On our way driving to Cape, we got a surprise phone call from our friend Dusty who is serving our country in Iraq!!! After a little bit of confusion, we figured out it was him and he was just calling to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving (how sweet and thoughtful is that??? It was a major highlight of the day). He said that he had lamb for his Thanksgiving meal and he'd eaten camel just the other day. It was so good to hear from him and to know that he was safe and able to celebrate with his military family. We love you Dusty and are very thankful for all that you do over there. Come home safe-less than a year!!!
After my dad's, we headed back to the STL where I dropped Matt off at his aunt's and ran over to my sister's real quick to say hey and return a CD (they leave less than a mile from each other). Then we ate...again. I'm seriously so stuffed its not even funny. After dinner, Matt and his fam started to play Trivial Pursuit circa 19??. The questions were off the wall and only Matt's cousin Paul knew any of the answers so most everyone bailed. I played it safe and I was just the question reader. His other cousin who is a high school sophomore was there and had borrowed a formal dress of mine to wear to a school dance. I told her that she could only wear my dress if she promised to take pictures. I'm so excited to see her in it, it was seriously my favorite dress ever next to my wedding dress. I knew I'd held on to it for a reason!
OMG! Almost 10pm already, alright, I'm off to bed. I have to work my PT job at the mall tomorrow from 7-11 (YIKES!) then home to pack then back on the road again to Cape. New Moon tomorrow night (so excited!!!) then Thanksgiving/Christmas on Saturday with my mom!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I am thankful for each of you who take the time to read about my crazy, random life. You guys are the best!


Angie said...

Sounds like a crazy weekend, but fun! Hope the crazy stuff this past week is okay now. Love you sis

Meredith said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!

I can really see the resemblance between you and your grandma!

Angie said...

Yay for Dusty serving our country! Happy Thanksgiving!