Friday, November 20, 2009

Moon Pie Recipe and Candace's Secret...

...alright friends, you asked for the recipe for the Moon Pie, well, it's actually called Moon Cake. Click here to find a version of the cake. I asked for the recipe but I didn't get a response so I found one that sounded and looked pretty much the same. Enjoy a piece for me if you make it!

Alright, so on to Candace's news that she's prego. Here is a picture of us at our sorority sister's wedding in July. Ahhh...aren't we cute! I felt very ANTM in the outfit and I even planned it on my own!!! Totally not old-ladyish if you ask Matt. This is also the wedding where I had a cupcake shoved in my face but that's another story.

Hmm...Candace, how did we really become friends? Well, we met through our sorority and were in the same initiation class but I don't really remember the exact moment that we just clicked and became BFF. There are so many stories I could tell about the two of us from back in the day such as when she kept asking me and some guy (we weren't each other's biggest fans) if we could just hug and make up. Or there's the time that we took a weekend trip to Chicago, the shuttle broke down on the freeway and we were stranded on the side of the road then after seeing a play, we walked by a homeless lady who yelled at us for trying to steal her energy then Candace responded to a man in the elevator that she hardly thought a 12 pack between two girls constituted a party. Those are just a few of the good times, good times that we've had together.

I think her husband Chad was pretty excited when I met Matt and we got married because he now had a buddy to escape all the women things we liked to do when we got together for the weekend. One weekend before Matt though, we'd gone out the night before and we were all feeling pretty rough so the next morning so we headed to KFC for lunch...mmm those bowls are delicious! Some lady came in complaining about her chicken from her order two days ago, she was yelling and throwing a big tantrum while we all ate in silence until Chad broke it saying, "Dude, it's f-ing chicken." We all burst into laughter and since then its been our new catchphrase.

So the whole point of this is that Candace is pregnant. So she calls me up on Thursday night and states that she's freaking out. She took a pregnancy test and it has one pink line and half a slight pink line...what's that mean!?! I told her it meant Chad only got her half-pregnant then we went on to giggle and laugh making fun of Chad to take our minds off the p-test staring at her with a half light pink line. She took the test again on Sunday and it turned out positive!!! Never having been pregnant myself, I was super excited to be involved (kinda) in the finding out process.

She's had kind of a tough pregnancy...horrible morning sickness and then to top off feeling yucko with that she finds out she has the swine flu! I'd been trying to call her and she wasn't answering then I got an email from her that said:

"so here I am. stuck in bed because I have the freaking swine flu. And the top headline on the scrolling news thing is 28 pregnant women have died from swine flu. back to sleep."

You have to know Candace and while the first thought that ran through my head was, "Oh no! I hope she and the baby are okay." Then I immediately had to laugh. She's doing much better now and she gets to find out in a couple of weeks if its a boy or a girl!

I just wish we lived closer but oh well, at least I've got a good friend that is just a phone call away and someone to visit in KC!


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Cecilia said...

How horrible!!! I am glad she is doing better. I may be a wimp, but it seemed like every fever or sniffle was a million times worse when I was prego. I think it's just because your body is being stressed to the max any way. Or, I am a really big baby. LOL.

Angie said...

Congrats to Candace!!!