Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Venting About DH...

...dear husband, dear husband, dear husband-what am I going to do with you!?! You're driving me CRAZY! Aside from the fact that I've barely gotten to speak to him in the past week because of our crazy schedules, he's still managing to find that last nerve of mine and hop on it for a long ride.

I think you would all agree with me (at least act like you do) that I've been a pretty understanding wife with this whole hunting thing. I've gone and supported him even stayed in stands by myself so he could go hunt on his own. We've driven to and from the farm at least 3 times in two weekends which equals a lot of gas and also no TLC to our home which it is in major need of (think demo-ed bathroom and no bathtub since June, how I long to sit down to shave my legs).

First off, last night he had a friend come over to help him at the house. I knew about this for a week and I thought he was coming over to help with the hall bathroom. About 30 minutes before he got here, I find out that no, they're working on some project to put Matt's tools away in the basement. So for the next 3 hours, the dogs were scared to death as we sat upstairs listening to them pound away on their project. To make it even better, I decided to go to bed a little after 9 (that's my normal bedtime) and their project (framing the wall or something) was directly below the bedroom so lots of pounding and hammering as I'm trying to sleep. I might add that before his friend got here, I was addressing Christmas cards (I know I'm a freak for doing it so early) and Matt was sealing them then throwing them onto the foot stool ususally falling off onto the floor.

Tonight, we're supposed to go pick up a tv for people in Cape (don't even get me started on this story) and its about a 30 minute drive there and 30 minute drive back. Matt tells me he's going to go through this town after work so I ask him if he'll pick it up. He says, yeah if you'll meet me. Well, Matt that defeats the purpose. You'll already be out there, so why am I driving and wasting gas when only one person needs to do it.

I keep telling him he's being selfish lately but not like, "this is all mine and I'm not sharing" selfish, more like only thinking about himself and not about other people selfish, does that make sense? The tv story falls into this category as does the basement project for two reasons, one I'm trying to sleep upstairs and two this project only benefits YOU and we really NEED to get this hall bathroom finished for BOTH of us plus guests that stay over. The other night, he drove out to the farm and I told him to call me when he got there. He called me at 7:30 and said he was almost there. I said, okay, well call me when you get there. Three hours later at 10:30, I finally get ahold of him because I had to call him. Seriously, Matt, you know I'm a worry wart, you know I'm at home thinking you were in a ditch, come on man-THINK!

Anyways, so I just had to get that all out and since it is Thanksgiving and I really do love him, I'm going to leave you with five reasons why I am thankful for Matt:

1. He is handy around the house and like DIY projects (even if they take a long time).
2. He plays dolls with Haley but sshh! I promised not to tell.
3. He thinks I'm pretty and sexy even when I don't.
4. Even though he hates it, he still lets the dogs sleep in bed with us (we need a bigger bed).
5. He makes the best breakfast ever and sometimes he even serves it to me in bed!


Cecilia said...

I think it's in the air. My hubby is really pissing me off too!! He likes to yell at me for things and I get all fired up. "Why isn't my laundry in my room?" Because you sleep when I do laundry. I leave it downstairs so I do not wake you. Forgive me. "I'm tired of eating the same stuff all the time. You need to make something new." I make new items. "Why don't you make (blank)? We haven't had it in forever." You told me to try some new things. Ugh. What is wrong with these boys???

Kevin and Katie said...

Does Matt read this blog? If so how did this one go over? I understand all your frustrations and yes you are justified. HOWEVER, breakfast in bed I am totally, totally jelous and the dogs don't ever get to sleep with us, especially since we recently got a new mattress. So consider youself very lucky on those two points.

Meredith said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes we can just get on each others' last nerve? For us, it's usually when we've spent like an entire week together with no separation to do our own thing for an hour.

And also, I TOTALLY feel you on the "selfish as in only thinking about yourself" thing!

Angie said...

Girlfriend we need to seriously get together and have a bitch session. You wouldn't believe stuff that has been going on around here!