Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Second Degree Burn and my Old Navy Trip...

...wow! What a day off it's been and it's not even 5pm yet. I finally decided to go get my cough/cold looked at. Doc says its a sinus infection and I'm pretty sure I heard him right when he told me that I'd done the "college treatment" and tried to ride it out since I didn't come in for almost two weeks! Anyways, after the doctor's appointment, I went and picked up the tv so Matt didn't have to. I figured if I was making the trip there then I'd stop at Old Navy because I had a $20 Rewards Card for using my Old Navy Visa outside of Old Navy twice and they basically sent me $20 so I got 2 pairs of jeans and a lightweight hoodie made out of t-shirt material that will totally be cute for our trip to Florida. Total it was $34.01 subtract my $20 rewards and I only paid $14.01 for all three items-sweet!

I headed back into St. Peters and got my eyebrows waxed and my medicine from my doctor. The doc had called it in and it was the first time I'd been to this pharmacy since I'd gotten married so they asked if I had insurance. I said yes, gave her my new card, etc...then I looked at the prescription "$123." I was like uh...I hope that's not how much it costs or I was going to be cruising the cold/cough aisle and trying to self-medicate (even more than I already had been doing). She told me no that was what it would be without insurance-whew! So I head home to start my dosage and make some lasagna...

I was using two burners, one to boil noodles and one to brown burger. The noodles were done so I put them in a strainer and turned the burner off. I started mixing the cheese mixture and the sauce and not thinking so I went to set a pan down on the burner that was still warm and then my fingers touched it. Ow-chee-wawa!!!! Did it hurt!?! I run my hand under cold water but my right ring finger kept throbbing all day. As of right now, it has a nasty red, blistery welt and my pinkie finger has just a red mark. I finished up the lasagnas and I can't wait to taste them. I tried a new recipe this time. I always make them and freeze them for night's when we don't have time to make dinner.

So five more things that I am thankful for:

1. Emma keeping my feet warm this morning.
2. Being able to put food on the table and try new recipes with that food.
3. Living so close to my sister and niece so that we can coupon together.
4. Shadow giving me big puppy dog kisses.
5. Matt kissing my burnt finger trying to make it feel better.


fah said...

Old Navy just sent me a slew of coupons and I'm dying to go in. Did you know they are opening at the RIDICULOUS time of 3am the day after Thanksgiving. Nuts.

Cecilia said...

I'm sorry you burned your finger. :o( I do silly stuff like that all the time. My hubby is not as nice as Matt. He wouldn't kiss it all better. He would just make fun of me. You are going to have to share that recipe too!!

Mrs. Fabulous said...

Hope your finger gets better! ...and your cold too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

kermiefrg said...

That sounds painful! I hope it heals quickly!