Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday and New Moon Review...

...Whew! I survived my second Black Friday at the mall. I worked early this morning (7-11am) and it was an interesting morning. When I got there at 6:30am, the mall seemed to be just like a typical busy Saturday afternoon but then starting about 7am it got CRAZY!!! My official job was to tell people to not go past the red dot until it was your turn at the register...if I say so myself, I think I did a good job (no one yelled at me during my three hour shift). I saw three Black Friday shirts. One was homemade tye-dye and the front said Black Friday and the back said Hussellin' and Bussellin'. The other shirts I saw were screen printed and said Black Friday Ninjas then on the back, it had their names such as Samuri Sarah and Ninja Nesha. I saw one lady who had a binder that said "Christmas 2009" and inside it had dividers with each person's name-OMG! I thought I was organized!!! Then one lady let another lady go in front of her in line because she only had one little item. After the lady checked out, she turned around and gave the lady her change which was almost $5!!! Good things happen to good people.

Tonight I went to see New Moon with my mom, my friend Laura and her sister Sarah. Matt was originally supposed to go with me but he was having too much fun with "the boys" (my stepdad, stepbrother and stepbrother's brother-in-law...follow all that???) so my mom took his place. It was definately much better than Twilight but Bella drives me CRAZY!!! Maybe its because in the book, you can tell what she's thinking and feeling but in the movie, she seems so irritated and totally over Edward. It seemed like she was more into Jacob than Edward in this movie. OH! Whenever Jacob took off his shirt, ALL the girls in the movie theater (majority high school age) freaked, ahh...that's seriously what they did every time he took his shirt off!!! Good thing Matt decided not to go.

Definately the books are MUCH MUCH better!!!


Cecilia said...

Agreed. I cannot stand the actress they chose for Bella. I didn't squeal when Jacob took his shirt off. I wanted to but didn't feel it was appropriate since he is only 17. LOL.
I was wondering how you did on BF as some broad was ramming me with a cart.

Angie said...

What store did you work at?
I have not yet given in to Twilight. I am still resisting.