Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love My Werner...

...just got home from my dinner with Werner. I seriously love this girl! It's been over two years since we've seen each other but we just picked up like we'd seen each other last weekend. We never seem to miss a beat with each other!
She just got engaged a couple weeks ago so aside from not seeing each other in forever, she had to fill me in on the engagement and wedding plans and I had to tell her all about our wedding too! So her sweet engagement story...she came home from work with a note taped to the door that said, "Pack your suitcase, our flight leaves at 7:30am tomorrow." It listed what to pack and on the bottom of the note it had the 3-day weather forecast. They ended up going to Vegas where he proposed. He'd always wanted to get married in Vegas but she wants the big wedding so while in Vegas, they had a committment ceremony and she gets her big wedding next October. Funny thing though, they'd already booked the venues in July!!! She cracks me up, it was a great time and we told each other that we're going to try to do this more often and NOT every two years.

Side note, when I got out of my car at Hacienda, I looked over and saw Jess' dad (see Slumber Party post end of September). I think I surprised him when he got out of his car but it was good to see him.

Remember when I posted about the drawing and the list for this weekend? Here is what my lovely husband left for me. Let me describe it to the right is me standing on a tree branch saying something to the deer (there is profanity) then to the left is a big buck that is saying help and is scared (look at the opposite end of the deer). Boys and their imaginations!!!

Well, I'm signing out for hunting weekend. Wish me luck that we fill the freezer!


Anonymous said...

I've randomly seen Jess's dad a few times too. Funny!

Cecilia said...

Good luck, girl!! The drawing is too funny.

Meredith said...

That hunting list is hilarious!

Good luck this weekend!