Monday, November 16, 2009

Sleep Toward Heaven=Two Thumbs Up... stated in my previous post, I took Meredith's suggestion and checked out "Sleep Toward Heaven" by Amanda Ward this weekend. I had this book read in less than 24 hours. It was great and I couldn't put it down.

The book is written from three different ladies' perspectives and you know from the beginning that the three women are all linked together but you don't know how. Right off the bat, you find out how Karen and Celia are linked then towards the middle of the book you figure out how Karen and Franny are linked. I couldn't put the book down because I couldn't figure out how Celia and Franny tied together. You keep reading it until you find out how and then the book goes down that lane of predictable and "that's what I thought." So the book is coming to a close and you're thinking, okay decent book, kind of predictable then you read the last two pages and you're OMG! WHAT!?! Did not see that one coming!!! It was totally out of left field...LOVED IT!!!

Anyways, I would have to say that Celia is my favorite character. Yes, she's dealing with something very difficult that hopefully none of us will ever have to go through but she's funny and she thinks the way we all do but won't admit it and then sometimes, she'll just straight up say what she's thinking. Although she was dealing with a hardship, the author made her character make the reader smile and laugh.

I also liked Karen's point of view, not because I liked her but because it was like reading about an episode of Snapped and those things intrigue me. Franny irritated me because she seemed kind of like woe is me.

The website Curled Up has a great summary but in my own (few) words...

Karen is placed on death row for killing Celia's husband. Franny is a NY doctor whose uncle and only family has passed away. When her uncle passes away, she volunteers to take over his volunteer work at the prision. All three women's paths will cross and make a change in their lives.

Seriously, it's great and an easy read! Let me know if you read it and what you think.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I'm intrigued. I just added it to my library queue!

Meredith said...

I didn't like Franny very much either--she was a total whiner!

Meredith said...

Hey, no worries about the name spelling--happens all the time!

And really, it's kind of an honor to have someone think I'm from Texas...I do love my "y'alls" and cooking with butter!