Saturday, November 7, 2009

NERVOUS!!! today is the big day for the craft show. I'm up earlier today than I am during the week for work. I'm so flippin' nervous...I think I'm more nervous this morning than I was on my wedding day!?! I just hope we sell $40! My personal goal is to sell 2 personalized picture frames and 2 diaper cakes. If I sell that then I'll be happy.

Anyways, the craft show is at Child of God High School in St. Peters, MO from 9-3 today. It is off Salt Lick Road. Stop by and see me if you're in the area and tell your friends about it too.


Sarah said...

I wish it was closer, because I love craft fairs.

Angie said...

Best of luck to you! I'm working all day today but I hope you sell sell sell!

Cecilia said...

Good luck, girl! I can't wait to hear how you did.