Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hunting Trip #2...

...Friday Matt and I went out hunting again and neither of us saw a damn thing! Sshh! Don't tell anyone but I got a lot of reading done in the afternoon. I think I was discouraged from the previous weekend and my heart just wasn't in it. Here is a pic of me in my hunting gear (not great with the sun in the background), I was dressed for warmth and warm I was!

In the morning, I dropped my cough drops and fruit snacks from my stand. Here I am reaching for them (I'm about 20 feet in the air and don't tell anyone I had the camera!). Matt wasn't happy when he came to get me down and I had dropped all that stuff on the ground-oops!
Here is Matt and I's convo during lunch that day:
A: I haven't even seen anything to shoot at to see if I'm a good hunter.
M: Hunting isn't about shooting, it's about what you see.
A: Then I must suck.
I went 2 days and a couple hours and only saw ONE DEER! No one in the Groeteke family got ANYTHING this year. Poor Matt's dad didn't get to go this past weekend because poor Grandma G fell and broke her hip on Friday. So until next year deer, you are safe from me but I'll get you one day!!!

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Meredith said...

Have you heard Bill Engval's bit about taking his wife hunting? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that'd be me! I can picture myself being miserable because I was so cold!

I totally admire you for going though!