Wednesday, November 4, 2009


...have you all heard of the company Thirty-One? I never had until I went to a 4-n-1 party at a friend's house. Basically, she had four parties at one time instead of having one of each. She hosted PartyLite, Thirty-One, Uppercase Living and Tastefully Simple. It was a lot of fun and so overwhelming at the same time!?! I bought Christmas gifts and I'm very excited with how they all turned out.

This is a tri-fold that is about the width of a piece of paper. I'm going to fill it with a drawing pad, crayons, stickers, etc...and give to Haley for Christmas. I thought this would be a good thing to take to church.

This is a pic of all my purchases. If you spent over $31 then you could buy the white bag for $5!!! I'm debating whether to keep it for myself and add it on to a Christmas present for someone. The brown bag (sorry I didn't take it out of the package but I had taken it in and out like 5 times at work to show people and it was really hard to get it back in there!) is for my sister with her initials embroidered in hot pink.

Then here is the white polka dot bag up close and personal. It has lots of little side pockets to put things in but it's not super tall.

They had so much other stuff I could have bought but I had to restrain myself. After the party, I had one of their catalogs and I was showing my sister and Haley saw it. She grabbed my arm, "Lyssa, wouldn't it be crazy if one of those bags had an H on it???" It was pretty funny!!! Anyways, you should go check out their website for all sorts of bags. I thought of Kristal when I saw the diaper bags that they had. Enjoy browsing if you jump over there.


Meredith said...

I LOVE that bag! I would totally use it as a diaper bag!

My MIL made me almost the same tri-fold type thing to keep my knitting needles in, and I love it!

Chelsea said...

Wow, those are cute!! What a great idea to have a 4-in-1! Brilliant.