Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Typical September Weekend...

...it seems as though we've fallen into a routine with our weekends. Saturday morning, AR has gymnastics. She LOVES the trampolines and well, really all of it, but trampoline is her favorite. When we went to the trial class in July, all the kids had leotards except AR. So I went to Target and bought her a size too big for $13. When we started our class, she was the only one wearing one! I'm trying to get her switched from the Saturday morning class to the Tuesday evening class because 1. we have to plan our Saturdays around gymnastics and 2. it's right when she's tired and about ready for a nap so waiting in line and listening are kind of a challenge.
After gymnastics, we head home for a nap where her eyes shut as soon as she lays down. After her nap, we eat lunch then head to the soccer fields to check in on things. One weekend, she tried to walk to get a drink from a cooler after a game. I told her that it wasn't for her but a 10 year old boy walked over and offered her one! Granted, we don't let her drink Capri Suns but it was a sweet gesture.
Then on Sundays, we either hang out around the house or meet up with family. A couple weekends ago, we met my family for lunch at the Blue Owl for my dad's 60th birthday. After lunch, we went back to my sister's where Matt, H and AR braved the cold water and I enjoyed the hot tub. AR=water baby. Here she is putting her face in the water.
Floating on her belly...
Now on her back...
Daddy throwing her in the air and she loves to jump off the side to you.
Trying on H's goggles
And lastly, shooting some baskets before we left.
It's crazy that September is almost over because it feels like it just started!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You've got some fun weekends! I love those pool pictures with her goggles. :)