Monday, September 9, 2013

AR's First Trip to the Zoo... I took AR to the zoo for the first time. We met up with Angie, Nick and Sophie. Right as we arrived, the fire alarm went off so out we went. It was a false alarm so we headed back inside and started our journey of the zoo. AR outside the zoo:
We started at the sea lions, which AR loved and ended up being her favorite exhibit of the day.
We went underground and we watched them go by.
Then one went right next to the window and AR thought it was GREAT!
Next up, the hippos! AR was checking out the fish cleaning off the hippo.
This one was doing water aerobics for us!
We stopped and visited Luke's plaque. AR's birthday is the anniversary of his accident. I think it means Luke is her guardian angel.
It was soooo hot! As in, 100 degrees hot so between that and school being back in session, no one was there, which was great. We stopped in the reptile house to get some AC. AR really liked it, I think because she could crawl up on all the steps to see them.
We visited the big cats but most of them were cooling off. Here's a comparison of her hand to a big cat's hand.
Mommy and AR with zebras in the background except that I think we're blocking them.
We visited the primate house which AR liked all the monkeys that were at her eye level. The gorillas were resting in the shade so I don't think she even saw them.
On our way out, we stopped back by the sea lions and they were getting a snack VERY close to us.
Overall, it was a HOT day! I parked on the street, it's free to get in so I only spent $3.79 on a "snocone" that we shared. I brought us in water, lunch and snacks so it was a cheap day minus the gas down there.
Do I think AR enjoyed it? Eh...tough to tell. She enjoyed everything that was at her eye level but most of the animals weren't so she just wanted out of her stroller. I'll probably wait until she's a little older and it's a little cooler before I take her again but it was still a fun Mommy & Me Day.

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Sara said...

What a fun trip! We love the zoo! Mac loves the sea lions too! I can't believe how big Miss AR is getting! She's so adorable!