Friday, September 27, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 4...

...12 weeks to go!!! I'm ready for the chocolate already at the finish line of the Hot Chocolate 5k on December 15 here in the STL! Don't forget if you sign up to use the code HUSTVMUG to get a free travel mug. I finished the squat challenge last Friday and my legs are so happy!

Friday, September 20-230 squats and 1.25 miles in 15:22.

Saturday, September 21-AR, Emma and I took a one mile walk in about 18 minutes. I'm sure the neighborhood loved us since every dog was barking at Emma and AR was yelling at her too!

Sunday, September 22-AR and I walked a mile in the morning. I'm loving our weekends walks in the early morning.

Monday, September 23-Ran 1.5 miles in 18:11. I figured out why my shins hurt...I was trying to run too fast! This run felt great and actually made me look forward to running the next day.

Tuesday, September 24-Ran 1.5 miles in 18:06. Forgot my sports bra today so I used a paper clip to hold my straps together...hey, whatever works, right?

Wednesday, September 25-Swam 20 laps in the pool which took about 15 minutes. Then Nana and AR met me and we swam and swam and swam...I think that was more of a workout than the laps!

Thursday, September 26-I had to work that evening so AR and I took our mile walk in about 17 minutes. I finally remembered to charge my iPod so we had some jams to listen to.

Squats: 230
Miles: 7.25

Challenge: Do 50 sit-ups every day and then next Thursday, max out for one minute.

Passing the Time: How do you pass the time while running? For me, I do math which is HILARIOUS because I absolutely hated math in school. With running though, math helps me pass the time. When I finish a quarter mile, I multiple the time to figure out how long it would take me to run a mile at that pace. When I look at the mileage counter, I do some subtraction to figure out how much I have left. I set goals for myself like, try to run a tenth of a mile by the end of this minute. Random, silly math things I do in my mind to help pass the time. What do you do as the clock ticks away when you run?


Jenni-Bee said...

That's exactly why I can't run on a treadmill. Lol. Nothing to do.

Sara said...

This is so awesome. I want you to motivate me to start running again. I love it but just can't find the time. How does AR do in the stroller when you take her? Mac absolutely will NOT sit in the stroller for more than 5 minutes without screaming bloody murder. He hates it.

Cecilia said...

I'm always crunching numbers while I run too. :)