Friday, September 20, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 3...

...13 weeks to go until the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k in the STL.

Friday, September 13-Rest day for squats-yah! Ran 1.25 miles in 14:44.

Saturday, September 14-AR and I had to pull out our jackets for this mile walk. We added on some more mileage when we got sidetracked by some garage sales and came home with a new stroller! Also chased her around gymnastics and did 180 squats.

Sunday, September 15-185 squats and walked a mile with AR.

Monday, September 16-190 squats and ran a 1.25 in 14:32.

Tuesday, September 17-Rest day for squats and ran 1.25 in 14:11.

Wednesday, September 18-220 squats and ran 1.25 in 14:12.

Thursday, September 19-225 squats and ran 1.25 in 15:34...couldn't find my groove today.

Totals for the Week
Squats: 1,000!
Miles: 8.25

Challenge: Do 50 sit-ups every day and then max out next Thursday and let me know how you did on Friday.

I'm not sure that I've discussed my current treadmill situation or not. First off, it's a rickety old thing that I bought from my sister and it's probably at least 10-15 years old. Sometimes when you're running on it, it sounds like the belt might fall off and I have to grab the sides just in case. Aside from the age and sounds it makes though, it gets the job done. The next issue though is location...our house is filled to the brim so we just had to put it anywhere we could make room. There was a perfect spot in the downstairs family room. Unfortunately because it's so loud itself, I can't watch tv because the whole neighborhood would be able to hear it. Oh well, I just turn on I Heart Radio and it's good to go.

Well then again, I'm about 2 feet from the lighting in the problem, I turn the overhead lights off and turn on a lamp. But then there's what I'm looking at...the wall yes, but also...buck horns and a deer hide. I sometimes fear if I fall that I might lose an eye! Here's my dramatic interpretation of the situation, note the light on the face and horn to the eye:
Happy training! Where do you work out?


Jenni-Bee said...

Lol - that picture cracks me up!

Liz said...

I can't work out in tight quarters. Even in my own living room I get a little nauseous. So kudos to you for powering through!! And you're making great progress on your time!

SLESE1014 said...

I have admitted to my stationary bike accident, but your treadmill scenario is way funnier and actually a bit safe while working out!!! Your chocolate will be waiting for you :)

Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

My parents have a pretty old treadmill in the basement in my old room (how funny is it that the brand/model name on it is Cadence?) Anyway, i thought about using it, but im scared of it collapsing on me too! You are doing awesome! Keep it up!!!

Cecilia said...

Too funny! I unscrewed the bulb above me in our family room because it was making me so hot. For the added effect of road running, I prop a fan up in front of the treddy.:)