Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Autumn!!!

...Today is the first day of autumn, or as I like to call it AR's Day!!! I've been wanting to take her apple picking all month long but I did NOT want to drive an hour to the big orchard that everyone goes to. A co-worker had mentioned Herman's Farm to me and it was about 20 minutes from home. I decided what better day to go than on the first day of fall!

It was a very small place but for a small one year old, it was perfect! We took a short wagon ride out to the orchard.  
Once we arrived, we got ready to get our apple picking on!
She waited patiently for directions. You can tell it's a small orchard because the bags are really small. They did have kid size bags which held about 2 apples. We filled hers and 3 regular size bags. I have a lot of baking in my future! I'll be sure to post all about it.
She was really into picking apples and pretty good about getting them off herself.
Once she picked her first apple, she couldn't wait to take a big bite!
Some friends met us there too! Angie, Sophie and Nick were there.
The butterfly enjoyed some of the fresh fruit too.
Liz, Dez and Ryan came to enjoy the first day of fall as well.
AR and Dez were both digging their apples!
Then AR saw more apples and had to pick more. They had golden delicious (my favorite!), Jonathan and Jonagold (a mix of both).
After we filled all our bags, we walked back. Yes, it was that small that you could just walk back. They had a wagon ride back but it got stuck in the mud and we didn't want to wait so we just walked back too.
They had a big playground for older kids. Of course, my 16 month old felt the need to crawl up this ladder by herself! They also had some smaller plastic slides and stuff for the younger kids. Then there was a whole area with a bunch of toy tractors that you could ride.
AR found Dez again and tried to give him a hug. Dez was all like, "I don't think so, girl-you've got cooties!"
We had a gorgeous fall day to celebrate AR's day!
Now I've got to get to baking!!!


Cecilia said...

Oh my gosh. The little ones look adorable. We may take the kiddos apple picking this year.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

So cute! The smaller orchard is just the right size for little ones. Great idea!