Sunday, September 22, 2013

Labor Day at Sha Sha's...

...I'm a little late on this post but I just got the pics. I had to work ALL Labor Day weekend. On Saturday, my stepsis Jo watched AR and they had a great time hanging out at our house, visiting me at work and checking out the library. Then on Sunday, my sister and H watched her. So even though I was stuck at work, AR had a pretty awesome weekend.
First thing when she got to Sha Sha's, she had to check out the fish tank. 
Then she gave Papa's picture on the fridge a few kisses.
After a nap, it was time for lunch-yum!
Then she got lathered up in sunscreen.
And they all headed outside to swim.
AH-look at this sea monster attacking AR!
After swimming, my sister cut open a watermelon. At first, AR was very ladylike about eating it...
Then she said to heck with it and dug in!
Then I called to say I was on my way and she was so excited!
I spent the night there Sunday night and we spent Monday shopping. I scored a ton of deals and have almost all of AR's wardrobe bought for next year! We're very lucky to have so much family close by that can help us take care of our little girl.

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