Friday, September 13, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 2...

...week 2 and I'm still going strong! Also increased my mileage from a mile per day to 1.25 miles. I know it's not that big of a difference but since I still have 14 weeks to the Hot Chocolate 15/5k so I'm trying not to burn myself out and to ease back into things.

Friday, September 6-130 squats and one messy mile (11:48) that I need NOT want to do but I kept telling myself it would be done in less than 12 minutes. Glad I pushed through the mental block.

Saturday, September 7-Matt went dove hunting at 4am!?! No worries, it was a gorgeous day out so AR went for a mile run/walk. When we got back, I did 135 squats while she ate breakfast. AR also started gymnastics today which meant I was chasing after her, holding her on the bars and jumping in the foam ball pit to get her out so surely, that counts as a workout, right?

Sunday, September 8-Work up to a hot, humid morning. AR and I went for another mile walk/run and then I did 140 squats while she ate lunch.

Monday, September 9-Walked/ran a mile with AR, rest day for squats plus sweated it out and chased after AR at the Zoo.

Tuesday, September 10-Did 150 squats, left work a little early to get my run in before I had to pick up glad I did this. I was already feeling bad and by the time it was AR's bedtime, I just wanted to lay in bed and not move. Luckily, I ran 1.25 miles in 15:31 so I'm glad I got it over with early.

Wednesday, September 11-Had to take AR to the sitter's this morning so while she ate blueberries and milk in Daddy's chair, I did 155 squats for her entertainment. Mid-morning, I realized I had workout clothes at my desk so I snuck in 1.25 miles in 14:08 before I left to go get AR. Amazing what a good treadmill can do! My shins are hurting so I iced them off and on all evening.

Thursday, September 12-I did 160 squats but took a rest from running today since I've ran 10 days straight. My shins are still sore so I iced some more but then I went to a college campus and I forgot how much parking sucks there and how hilly colleges are.

Totals for the Week
Squats: 870
Miles: 6.5

Challenge: Run/walk for 30 minutes at least 4 times this week. That should earn you enough calories to have a piece of chocolate!

As I've started back with running, I remember another reason why I love it (and also many reasons why I hate's one of those love/hate relationships). Despite being 200+ pounds, having hips as wide as China and daily fighting off my love of peanut butter, that last quarter of a mile, I always turn the speed up and really push myself. I have quite the runner's kick if I do say so myself. During that last .25 miles and I'm watching the mileage counter increase, I just run as hard as I can and nothing else matters...not that I ate that extra cupcake or my jeans won't zip or even that my butt is getting wider but the second, in that last minute of the mile, I feel like I'm the fastest runner in the whole wide world and that, my friends, makes running "fun" for me.


Anonymous said...

Good job sister!!

SLESE1014 said...

Great work! I am NOT a runner. I have never liked running, but I can walk like no other. I love to walk fast, slow, pushing a stroller, the dogs, whatever. Running and I just don't get along, mostly because one underwire bra and 2 sports bras aren't enough to keep the girls in check and it's just plain painful. Maybe after I get them lopped off I could try running again....maybe :)

Congrats on the hard work. You're going to do awesome come race time! I'll be cheering you on from 300 miles away!!!