Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shoes for Sale...For Africa!!!

...My good friend, Kristal, and her family will be moving to Africa in January! They will be long term volunteers through the organization called Heart for Africa. They're listening to God's calling and selling all their belongings, seriously almost all their belongings, in order to fund this trip.
It's true that after having a baby, your feet are never the same. This means that I have some pretty awesome shoes that I've only worn a few times that my big 'ole feet no longer fit in. While getting ready for family pictures, I decided to pull out the shoes that don't fit to make more room in my closet.
Then I had a clever idea! Why don't I sell the shoes and donate all the proceeds to Kristal and her family in addition to what I plan to give? What an amazing idea if I say so myself! :-)
I've known Kristal since 7th grade when I noticed that her binder in Health class said, "Speed" and underneath it said, "The Movie." (I hope Kristal gets a chuckle out of that!). Her mom has become my second mom over the years and treated me as her own. While we may not be as tight now as we once were, I always consider her a sister and wish her, Chad and their kiddos the best of luck! If you'd like to donate to their journey, please visit their Heart for Africa page.
Now on to the shoes, shall we? All sales, minus shipping will be donated to the Flentge Family. I will charge a flat $5 shipping for all shoes. If you are local, we can avoid the shipping, and we'll work out a way to get you the shoes. If you'd like to purchase, please leave a comment with your email address and I will follow-up with you. I will update this post as shoes sale. Thanks in advance!!!
Up first, my favorite shoes ever! These are size 9 Fergalicious baby blue heels. Asking $20 OBO.
They fit very narrow.
Little bit of wear on bottom; worn just a few times. Oh and AR wore them once too!
Size 8.5 Vigoss; asking $5 OBO.
Small heel on these, maybe 2 inches?
I have worn these a lot and there's a nick in the heels but not too noticeable.
Love these too! Size 8.5 Steve Madden; asking $10 OBO. SOLD!
They are a khaki color with black leather.
Only worn a couple times.
Size 8 East Fifth; asking $10 OBO.
Great for a pop of red!
Only worn once
Size 8.5 Predictions; asking $10 OBO.
Maybe 3 inch heel
Only worn once.
Size 8 So(?); asking $10 OBO SOLD!
Grey almost flannel like
Worn once to church...too small when I bought them but I was in a pinch!
If you're interested, then:
1. Leave a comment with what shoe and your email address.
2. Flat shipping rate of $5 per pair of shoes (unless local)
3. You can PayPal me the money or mail it via snail mail.
4. I will ship the shoes within 3 days of receiving payment.
Remember this is for a good cause and you can make your own donation to the Flentge here. Thanks for your support!

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