Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lordy, Lordy Looks Whose 40!!!

...the title is actually misleading because I don't have a picture of the birthday girl-oops! Matt's cousin, Gwen, turned 40 this past Saturday and they had a picnic-party at one of the park's close to our house. AR and I headed up there with gift in hand:
It was a bucket filled with suckers and I wrote on the foam butterflies, "You Know You're 40 When..."and listed some reasons like, "Getting lucky means a short wait at the dr's office" and "your favorite song is played in an elevator." Gwen thought it was funny and everyone enjoyed the suckers.
As soon as we arrived, Gwen's daughter, Eva who is 3, ran up to take AR to the playground. She's a little mother hen with AR and she got pretty mad when AR wouldn't hold her hand.
She wanted to push her which was a nice break for me!
Then Eva showed AR how to climb this green jungle gym thing and the little daredevil then did it all herself!
Eva trying to get AR to take a drink...
...but AR would rather hold my water bottle.
Here she is chillin'
Then Gwen's brother showed up with his 3-month old daughter. I asked if they needed any clothes and when they said yes, I left AR with Grandma and drove the 2 blocks home to load them up and empty my basement. This is Matt's mom...yes, he looks just like her.
When I got back to the party, I could tell it was time for AR's nap. We enjoyed a (small) piece of birthday cake and tried to say good-bye to everyone but AR was just ready for nap. We got home and she took about an hour nap. She wasn't fully napped out when she got up so for about the next hour, nothing made her happy. Here she is crying because Mommy sat down on the front steps without her.
Even upset and pouting, my sweet AR is adorable!
I hope Gwen had a fabulous birthday!


Jenni-Bee said...

Awwww! She is so cute! And I'm still lovin' the pony tail!

Cecilia said...

Very cute gift idea. I can't believe how light her hair got this summer! So cute.