Friday, September 6, 2013

Chocolate Check-in Week 1...

...Okay, like I said on Monday, I'm going to be accountable. I plan on doing weekly Chocolate Check-Ins so you can see how I'm doing and IF I'm really doing it. Feel free to call me out if I miss a check-in, ok? I'll also have a challenge at the end of each post in case you want to join in the fun!

Technically I'm on week 2 of training for the Hot Chocolate 15/5k on December 15 but we'll count the first week as just getting into gear. Here's a breakdown day by day of my training:

Sunday, August 25-I started my 30 day squat challenge. I did 50 squats which wasn't too bad.
Monday, August 26-Did 55 squats. AR likes to watch me and I'm trying to get her to do them with me too. She hasn't quite caught on yet. DH asked me to take AR to the sitters all week and pick her up. I whined that I was going to start running at work this week so he dug the treadmill out of the deepest, darkest corner of the basement and set it up for me.
Tuesday, August 27-AR decided to wake up at 10 til 5am so got 60 squats done early. AR watched and laughed then hit me on the butt to say, "atta girl!" then made me hold her for 20 squats. After AR went to bed that night, I tried to run and was about to pass out after a minute so I walked, still could barely walk. Got off and realized I had it on the steepest incline. Finally got it flat and walked half a mile.
Wednesday, August 28-Rest day for squats. Attempted to run but it wouldn't stay flat. DH had to rig it up to stay flat.
Thursday, August 29-70 squats and FINALLY ran a mile. It was hot (treadmill has a light directly above it shining on me), it was hard but I got it done in 12:28!
Friday, August 30-Did 75 squats in the bathroom stall and ran a mile in 12:13-woohoo! Was smart and turned off the overhead light and turned on a lamp instead. Also dug through all my workout clothes and actually found some that fit-woohoo!
Saturday, August 31-Did 80 squats at home with AR who tried to help me out but pushing me back up when I'd squat down and she made me hold her for some-that was tough.
Sunday, September 1-Rest day, well needed. My back has been really tight and taking a day off really helped.
Monday, September 2-Spent the night at my sister's on Sunday so we woke up bright and early (thank you AR). Headed to H's school where my sis and I walked a mile, AR rode in her stroller and H rode her bike. We then did 100 squats and 50 arm raise things...whew it was a good workout. Too bad they don't live closer so we could do this together every morning.
Tuesday, September 3-Woke up early by myself, both Matt and AR were still snoozing and ran a mile in 11:52!!!
Wednesday, September 4-Early wake-up thanks to Ms. AR so I knocked out one mile before 5:30am at the pace of 11:24! Unfortunately, I feel a blister coming on-boo!
Thursday, September 5-Another early wake-up from AR so I knocked this out before 6am, 11:44 pace mile run and a rest day for squats.

Squats: 705
Miles: 6.5

Challenge: Do 50 squats a day. Next Thursday, September 12 do as many squats as you can for 2 minutes. Happy Squatting!


Julie said...

I'm doing the squat challenge too and man do I hurt...but its a good hurt :)

Kelly said...

Oh I like this. I just posted about finding some motivation for hitting the gym. I will definitely do the squats challenge!

Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

Great job! I'm starting insanity on Monday so I need to be held accountable too! I'm here for you Chica!

Jen said...

Gah, I need to do squats too! Then I can just squat this baby out in January....haha