Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baking with Apples...

...after all that apple picking on Sunday for the first day of autumn, we had a LOT of baking to do! On Saturday night, I stayed up pinning apple recipes all over Pinterest. I wanted to make sure if we were buying a lot of apples that we had something to do with them!

First we had to peel all the apples. Luckily, we were able to borrow an apple peeler which made the process go MUCH faster. AR was very curious what her Daddy was doing and she even snuck a peeled one away to snack on.
"This is fun watching Daddy do all the work!"
She even wanted to try it out herself.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I was getting everything ready for baking.
Up first was the Apple Dump Cake. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture fast enough before my mom and Matt dug in! This was my favorite by far but then again, I love any sort of dump cake.
Next was the South Apple Crumble. The topping was actually a Betty Crocker oatmeal cookie mix. It was okay but next time, I'll probably find a recipe where you make your own crumble.
Then I made apple bread. I took a loaf to my in-laws when AR was dropped off in the morning and by the time I picked her up, it was gone! I didn't actually taste this one but I would venture to say it was good as fast as it went. Be warned though, this thing has FIVE eggs and THREE sticks of butter!?!
Lastly, we canned apple pie filling. I was most excited about this because I plan on decorating the jars up and giving to the neighbors for Christmas. Do you like our homemade funnel? We cut the bottom out of an old plastic cup.
Then we had to boil it to make them seal. I don't really know this whole process. Matt is the expert canner in our family.
Ta-da! It made 6.5 jars of apple pie filling. Two didn't seal so I'm sure I'll be making apple pie in the near future.
The fruits of our labor...or what's left of it!
When it was all done, I cut myself a piece of the apple dump cake and had a bottle of cold Angry Orchard Hard Cider. It only seemed appropriate! The only thing we were missing was a little scoop of ice cream.
Now that I did all this, I can't wait to try to make a fresh pumpkin pie. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law make fresh ones every year and I always say I'm going to attempt to do the same. Well, this is the year so stay tuned!


Julie said...

I told Keith I want to go apple picking next weekend for my birthday. So far he's game so we'll see - I may need to borrow the one receipe :)

Cecilia said...

Is that a meat cleaver???? Lol. Al of your baked goods look so yummy. I'm a fan of dump cakes also.

Jenni-Bee said...

Wow, you are such a busy Mom! I have just been eating the apples myself instead of baking with them like I wanted. Plus, Emma has "learned" how to eat an apple on the core so now that's all she wants to do. Haha. I did the Betty Crocker recipe and loved it! But, I used three GIANT apples for one package so that it was less sweet. Great job Momma!