Thursday, January 23, 2014

Homosassa State Park...

...We woke up Friday and hung out around Nana's house. Then we headed to Homosassa State Park. When Matt and I visited back in 2009, we went here and I tried to get the same pics. Read about it here and here.

This was the visitor's building. I have the same pic of Matt with this manatee.

Daddy wrestled this alligator last time we were here so this time Nana and AR did it for him.

You take a 20 minute boat ride which is a little windy over to the park.

Everyone with a paid admission got a stamp on their hand so we had to sing the bee song which we sing when AR gets her bee stamp at gymnastics.

This is in the underwater observation area. Of course, my monkey thought this was a hanging bar.

AR the Manatee!

When I cleaned out my old car, I found this disposable camera. God only knows what pictures are on it. I figured I'd bring it on the plane for us to take pictures. AR LOVES it! It was the best "toy" I brought. She carried it all around the park "taking pictures."

Here are two manatees heading back out to water after eating a lunch of cabbage.

This is one big 'ole alligator!

Look at all the flamingos!

Love that they have the American flag in with the bald eagles.

I think this is a great shot of the owls. I'll pat myself on the back for this one!

Lu the Hippo is the only non-native animal at the park. In order to stay with the rules, the governor made him a resident of Florida so he could stay. He turns 54 next week and will get a big birthday cake!

My favorite picture of the day! I have a pic of Matt and I in front of the same sign in 2009. She was really distracted by the waterfall in front of us but hey, at least she's looking at the camera!

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